CHASS Newsletter #45

Changes at CHASS

Farewell from Executive Director Helen O’Neil

It has been a pleasure helping the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences build stronger networks across its membership and into policy making and industry.

These networks have contributed to the significant progress in the Council’s task of gaining greater recognition of the people, projects and organisations based on the humanities, arts and social sciences. This task has been made easier because of the commitment and energy of the Council’s member organisations. I have been immensely proud of their leadership in research, world standard education and in their ability to derive new models for using good ideas and producing great work. In the smallest discipline association and the major professional peak bodies, in universities, arts companies and TAFE schools there is great commitment and dedication to making HASS knowledge contribute to Australia.

The Council’s member organisations have great potential to move into knowledge exchange, and gain some more resources, now that governments at both national and state level have included the HASS disciplines, professions and practice areas in innovation and research agendas. The next HASS On The Hill is attracting great support from public officials and policy makers who want to know more about the work of the Council’s members, while the research communications workshop will be another step into building HASS into the Australian Government’s Inspiring Australia strategy for science engagement.

I am moving to work in creative arts policy, with Janet Millar and Meg Dixon-Child taking over as interim Executive Directors. Both are highly skilled in communications and will help you take the Council to a new and exciting stage of development.

Thank you for your interest, support and friendship over the past two years.

Helen O’Neil
Executive Director
Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
8 October 2010
New members of the Council’s network

In a crucial year for policy makers and policy reform, more organisations are joining the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences to be part of an essential network for communication and collaboration across the diverse disciplines and institutions operating in this sector.

The Council welcomes our new and returning members for 2010.

Canadian Congress

The Council for HASS believes Australia needs a showcase for good research, and new platforms for disseminating knowledge. In a recent visit to Canada, the Council’s President saw Canada’s Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences as a successful model for Australia to build new networks of knowledge.

13th CRC Selection Round Update

13 CRC bids have been invited forward to Stage Two of the 13th CRC Selection Round. Two of these applications are led by the HASS sector – CRC for Arts and Entertainment Futures and CRC for Social Inclusion.

Research Workforce Strategy Meeting

The Australian Government has linked its promised research workforce strategy, due for release this year, to productivity growth, recognising the need for more research trained graduates across the economy. The Council’s Executive Director was at the final meeting of the strategy reference group this week, which ranged over issues from career pathways for HASS disciplines to new funding for research training places.

Shape of the Australian Curriculum

The draft Shape of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts was released on 8 October for public consultation to 17 December 2010. Go to the ACARA website to have your say.

HASS at a glance

Opinion pieces on artistic vibrancy

The Australia Council has commissioned a series of discussion papers by industry leaders in theatre, dance, opera and the orchestral sector. The papers, often controversial, provide informed views of the “artistic vibrancy” of their artform sector.

The population debate

Peter Mares in Inside Story examines how the election campaign reinforced our inability to have a rational debate about the population.

News from the Asia Education Foundation

The Asia Education Foundation has just published position papers on Geography and The Arts in response to the consultation rounds by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). The AEF Advisory Board has also initiated The Call for a National Action Plan for Asia Literacy in Schools.

Waste not! Design solutions for waste management

How designers are helping minimise what ends up in land-fill or recycled in to new products.

Academy of the Social Sciences of Australia (ASSA) Symposium 2010

Family Fortunes and the Global Financial Crisis – Tuesday 9 November 2010 – Shine Dome, Canberra. In the context of the global financial crisis, the 2010 ASSA Symposium will examine the effects of the business cycle, including economic downturns, on the relationship between the market, family households and the well-being of children. The Annual Cunningham Lecture is also held during the symposium and this year will be delivered by Professor Ross Garnaut AO, FASSA. For more information visit the ASSA website.