iconCHASS Newsletter #126
31 July 2019

In this issue:
• Registrations open – CHASS ECR event, Adelaide – 30 August 2019
• Supporting national Social Sciences Week 2019
• Save the date – CHASS Social Sciences Stars 2019 events in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne
• HASS Your Say with the Research Whisperer: Research funding for casuals
• Remembering Dr Ann Moyal FRSN FAHA

iconCHASS Newsletter #125
15 June 2019

In this issue:
• Last call ~ Nominations for the 2019 CHASS Australia Prizes close 21 June 2019
• HASS Your Say with the Research Whisperer: The emerging impact landscape by Wade Kelly
• Save the date ~ CHASS ECR event in Adelaide – 30 August 2019
• Supporting The Conversation
• Renewing your annual CHASS membership

In this issue:
• One month to go ~ Nominations for the 2019 CHASS Australia Prizes closing 21 June 2019
• HASS Your Say: A History of exclusion in Australian Higher Education by Tim Pitman
• HASS Your Say with the Research Whisperer: Learning to be a co-author by Katherine Firth
• Recording – CHASS HASS Stars Public Lecture with Dr Amanda Lotz
• Supporting The Conversation
• Renewing your annual CHASS membership

iconCHASS Newsletter #123
29 April 2019

Nominations for the 2019 Australia Prizes have opened and we look forward to receiving your applications soon. Now in their sixth year, the annual Australia Prizes honour distinguished achievements by Australians working, studying, or training in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) sector. Nominations are open for four categories – Book, Distinctive Work, Future Leader, and Student.

iconCHASS Newsletter #122
31 January 2019

We want to thank you and those who supported us in 2018 – our members, sponsors, friends from industry organisations, and stakeholders. We are very excited about our plans in the coming months – nominations for the 2019 Australia Prizes will be opening soon, and the first event in our 2019 Early Career Researchers’ series will be held in April in Brisbane. Keep an eye on our Twitter/Facebook or watch this space for updates. And save the date – Social Sciences Week 2019 will be held from 9-15 September.

iconCHASS Newsletter #121
29 November 2018

Our heartiest congratulations to the winners of the 2018 CHASS Australia Prizes announced last month! A Writing Life: Helen Garner and Her Work by Bernadette Brennan won the 2018 CHASS Australia Prize for a Book. The Harmonic Oscillator Project by The Cad Factory won the 2018 CHASS Australia Prize for Distinctive Work. Pichamon Yeophantong was awarded the 2018 CHASS Australia Prize for a Future Leader. Rachel Franks from The University of Sydney was awarded the 2018 CHASS Australia Prize for a Student.

iconCHASS Newsletter #120
17 October 2018

Congratulations to the shortlisted nominees of the 2018 CHASS Australia Prizes! We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 CHASS Australia Prizes Dinner on 29 October in Melbourne. Keynote speaker: Katrina Sedgwick, Director & CEO, Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).

iconCHASS Newsletter #119
31 August 2018

Social Sciences Stars 2018: As part of the national Social Sciences Week, we are organising a series of free public events in collaboration with publishers Routledge/Taylor & Francis, and The Conversation. Called ‘Social Sciences Stars’, this series will be held in three cities – Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday that week respectively. Speakers will discuss the significance and relevance of the Social Sciences in today’s world.

iconCHASS Newsletter #118
31 July 2018

Thank you to all those who have nominated their work for the 2018 CHASS Australia Prizes in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS). We have received over 290 nominations this year, our highest so far. The growing popularity of the Prizes reinforces our commitment to rewarding achievement in the HASS sector and reminding the public of the value and importance of HASS in our lives.

iconCHASS Newsletter #117
25 June 2018

Social Sciences Week Australia 2018: We are collaborating with The Australian Sociological Association (TASA), the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology (ANZSOC), the Australian Anthropology Society (AAS), the Australian Political Studies Association (APSA), The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA) and The Australasian Council of Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (DASSH) to organise Australia’s first national Social Sciences Week in September 2018.

Thank you to all those who attended our event ‘Empowering Early Career Researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences’ on 9 May in Perth. We collaborated with Curtin University for a day of information sharing and networking for ECRs. Special thanks to Dr Tim Pitman from Curtin University for making this possible and to all our speakers for participating.

iconCHASS Newsletter #115
30 April 2018

2018 marks the fifth year of the annual CHASS Australia Prizes, designed to honour distinguished achievements by Australians working, studying, or training in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) sector. Nominations have started coming in for all four categories – Book, Distinctive Work, Future Leader, and Student. We are encouraging everyone to apply early. Remember, nominations will need to be submitted by 5pm AEST on 2 July 2018.

iconCHASS Newsletter #114
28 February 2018

Thanks to all those who sent in their nominations for the vacancies on our Board. We are pleased to announce that Alec Coles OBE (Council of Australasian Museum Directors – CAMD), Professor Terry Flew (Australia and New Zealand Communication Association – ANZCA) and Dr Eliza Goddard (Australasian Association of Philosophy – AAP) have been elected to our Board, and we look forward to working with them. We have collaborated with Laboratory Adelaide: The Value of Culture at Flinders University to run a free two-day program of events in Adelaide later this week (1- 2 March 2018).

iconCHASS Newsletter #113
20 December 2017

We would like to thank you and all those who have supported us during the year – our members, sponsors, friends from industry organisations, and stakeholders.

iconCHASS Newsletter #112
30 November 2017

Following the success of our event for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) in Melbourne in August 2017, we are organising the next edition on 9 May 2018 at Curtin University in Perth. This event will present participants with the opportunity to meet representatives and leading academics from the Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines, explore current issues, participate in discussions around best practice related to research outcomes, and foster collaborations.

iconCHASS Newsletter #111
31 October 2017

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all nominees who applied this year! We received over 270 nominations across the four categories in 2017 and would like to thank everyone for their support of our annual endeavour to acknowledge and celebrate distinguished achievements in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) in Australia. We would like to thank all our jury members for their time and work in making the annual Australia Prizes a success. Special thanks to our sponsors Routledge, Future Leader and the Co-Op for their continued support of the Prizes and to Mr Martin Bean CBE, Vice-Chancellor of RMIT University for supporting the 2017 CHASS Australia Prizes Dinner.

iconCHASS Newsletter #110
31 August 2017

Fortunately, HASS continues to attract huge interest. Historical books, documentaries, and dramas attract huge audiences. Philosophy has spread to the pub and art galleries, symphonies and dance performances attract huge audiences. Social scientists are increasingly having their voice heard in government policy circles. But we cannot take this interest for granted. We need to keep HASS front and centre of our national conversation. This is the purpose of the CHASS Australia Prizes.

iconCHASS Newsletter #109
23 June 2017

Renewing your membership – As a CHASS member, your organisation is part of an essential network for communication and collaboration across the diverse disciplines and institutions operating in this sector. A unified voice for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) sector and revitalised advocacy are of increased significance as we face new challenges, and we hope to have your continued participation in our work.

You may wonder why CHASS seeks to honour people who are performing well and, in some cases, may already be famous. The answer is simple. The Australia Prizes are not just a way of rewarding achievement, they are also CHASS’s way of reminding the public, both here in Australia and internationally, of the value and importance of the humanities, arts and social sciences. The prizes help to promote nominated books, performers and leaders while the prize giving ceremony is a chance to have fun, make contacts, learn about new work, and make deals.

iconCHASS Newsletter #107
28 April 2017

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Emeritus Professor Steven Schwartz AM as the Patron of our Australia Prizes. The CHASS Australia Prizes were conceived by him in 2014 and he continues to be an important advocate of what we do, so the choice was obvious. We are grateful for his enthusiasm, continued support of our objectives, and patronage of our annual celebration of achievements in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) sector in Australia.

iconCHASS Newsletter #106
30 March 2017

Nomination for the 2017 CHASS Australia Prizes are now open. This year marks the fourth year of the Australia Prizes and we are delighted to continue our tradition of honouring distinguished achievements by Australians working, studying, or training in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) in Australia. We are inviting nominations for four categories (Book, Distinctive Work, Future Leader, Student) and are very thankful to our sponsors Routledge, Future Leaders, and the Co-op for their continued support.

iconCHASS Newsletter #105
15 February 2017

Right after our AGM in October 2016, we invited nominations for vacancies on the board. The response to our call-out was terrific. We are pleased to announce that Professor Barbara de la Harpe (University of Southern Queensland), Professor Jo Lindsay (The Australian Sociological Association), and Professor Julian Meyrick (Flinders University) have been elected to the Board. Special thanks to all the others who had applied. Putting your hand up for a place on our board indicates a strong willingness to support the HASS sector and we really appreciate your offer of leadership.

iconCHASS Newsletter #104
22 December 2016

We extend our sincere thanks to all those who have supported us during the year – our members, sponsors, partners, friends from industry bodies, stakeholders, vendors, and volunteers. Thank you also for supporting our 2016 Australia Prizes.

31 October 2016

Our 2016 Australia Prizes’ winners are here! The winner of the 2016 CHASS Australia Prize for a Book (cash prize of $3,500 sponsored by Routledge): Across the Seas – Australia’s Response to Refugees: A History, by Klaus Neumann and published by Black Inc. The winner of the 2016 CHASS Australia Prize for Distinctive Work (cash prize of $3,500 sponsored by Routledge): I Am a Miracle, Malthouse Theatre. Winners of the 2016 CHASS Australia Prize for a Future Leader (cash prize of $2,000 sponsored by Future Leaders): Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Monash University criminologist and senior lecturer, and Sarah Holland-Batt, poet and writer. The winner of the 2016 CHASS Australia Prize for a Student ($500 voucher sponsored by Co-Op): Gemma Hamilton, ‘Improving Investigative Interviews with Aboriginal Children’, Deakin University.

iconCHASS Newsletter #102
26 September 2016

Shortlists for our 2016 Australia Prizes are here! Winners of the prestigious annual prizes will be announced on 20 October in Melbourne. We congratulate all shortlisted nominees and look forward to seeing them at the Prizes Dinner. We have received over 230 nominations across the four categories in 2016 and would like to thank all nominators and nominees for their support of our annual endeavour to acknowledge and celebrate distinguished achievements in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) in Australia.

iconCHASS Newsletter #101
31 August 2016

2016 CHASS Australia Book Prize Longlist is here! The announcement was made at the inaugural Canberra Writers Festival held at the Australian National University. The shortlist will be announced in September. The winner of the 2016 CHASS Australia Prize for a Book will receive a cash prize of $3,500 sponsored by Routledge, to presented at the 2016 CHASS Australia Prizes Dinner on October 20 in Melbourne.The ​Prize will be awarded to the author whose book, in the opinion of the judges, contributes most to cultural and intellectual life in Australia.

iconCHASS Newsletter #100
28 July 2016

Does Australia need a Chief Social Scientist? Here Dr Ann Moyal AM FAHA provides a sneak peek into her essay in our forthcoming book, to be launched at the 2016 CHASS Australia Prizes Dinner on 20 October in Melbourne

iconCHASS Newsletter #99
28 June 2016

It’s time to renew your annual CHASS membership – Membership has its advantages! Members have access to various services such as the daily media monitoring update, event listings on our website and newsletter, profiling opportunities in our newsletter, and social media support and promotion. This year, members will also be able to take advantage of discounted tickets to attend the 2016 CHASS Australia Prizes Dinner, which will take place in Melbourne on Thursday, 20 October.

Please be sure to send in your complete applications by 5pm (AEST) on Thursday, 30 June 2016. To be fair to all applicants, late nominations will not be considered. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

iconCHASS Newsletter #97
29 April 2016

2016 marks the third year of the Australia Prizes and we are delighted to continue our tradition of honouring distinguished achievements by Australians working, studying, or training in the humanities, arts, and social sciences (HASS) sector. Over the past few weeks, we have been reaching out to our members and other sector organisations across Australia to inform them about this opportunity.

iconCHASS Newsletter #96
31 March 2016

We are inviting nominations for four prestigious categories and are thankful to our sponsors for their continued support. You can nominate yourself and others for any category. There is no nomination fee. Nominations need to be submitted by 30 June 2016. Winners will be announced at the CHASS Australia Prizes Gala Dinner in Melbourne on Thursday, 20 October 2016.

iconCHASS Newsletter #95
16 February 2016

It’s that time of the year again! We are pleased to announce that nominations for the third edition of the CHASS Australia Prizes will open on Tuesday, 1 March.

iconCHASS Newsletter #94
10 December 2015

To provide examples where the HASS sector can engage the public, as well as facilitate the Government’s broader goals of inspiring a more creative and innovative Australia, I have been commissioned by Routledge to edit a collection of CHASS-themed essays to be published in mid-2016. ‘HASS: it’s everyone’s business’ will launched at the Australia Prizes ceremony in October 2016.

iconCHASS Newsletter #93
23 November 2015

HASS subjects focus on life, death, love, beauty, and courage–when it comes time to sum up our lives, these are the only things that ever really matter to anyone. As long as human beings seek to find meaning in their lives, they will continue to turn to HASS.

iconCHASS Newsletter #92
08 October 2015

The theme of this year’s Forum is “Inspiring a Creative Australia” and being inspiring is what the Forum is all about. The program has been created to ensure that there is something of interest for everyone involved in the arts and the humanities. If you only go to one meeting this year, make it the 2015 CHASS Forum. You won’t be sorry.

iconCHASS Newsletter #91
09 September 2015

This year’s National Forum offers an opportunity to explore and propose action on the ways in which our sector contributes now and will contribute in future to the creation of a creative and inspiring Australia. Perhaps the most important task before us is to establish the validity of our sector and its capabilities to broaden and enrich even the most pragmatic STEM projects. CHASS and its National Forum offers a collective voice to make the case articulately and convincingly.

iconCHASS Newsletter #90
11 August 2015

The theme of this year’s Forum is Inspiring a Creative Australia. Over two days, delegates will hear from professional artists, heads of granting agencies, members of government departments, museum directors, researchers and leaders of charitable bodies. If you only attend one meeting this year, it should be the CHASS Forum. The dates are 15 and 16 October, and the place is the University of Melbourne. Discounted early-bird registration is open until 31 August. Last year, places filled up fast so don’t procrastinate. Register now and ensure your participation in this year’s Forum.

iconCHASS Newsletter #89
21 July 2015

The government has asked for feedback on the draft guidelines of the National Program for Excellence in the Arts. CHASS will be making a submission. Providing feedback is an opportunity to make your voice heard. Should funding decisions involve public servants? Will the regional areas benefit? How about arts education? Let us know what you think.

iconCHASS Newsletter #88
30 June 2015

The digital humanities will be one of the themes to be explored in the CHASS Forum 2015, which will be held at Melbourne University on 15 and 16 October. Early bird registration will open in early July, just go to and make sure you book your place.

The key to meeting the challenges we face is neither to romanticise the past nor to ignore it. Instead, we must remember the past, work in the present and plan for the future. This is what we try to do at the annual CHASS Forum. By blending the humanities, social sciences, and arts, we bring the HASS disciplines to bear on the most important issues of our times.

iconCHASS Newsletter #86
23 April 2015

To learn how the Smith Family works with government, universities, schools, trusts and others to apply research to practical programs, mark your diaries for the 2015 CHASS National Forum (15-16 October, Melbourne). The CEO of the Smith Family, Dr. Lisa O’Brien will be speaking. Prepare to be inspired.

iconCHASS Newsletter #85
26 March 2015

Large-scale data analysis has the potential to revolutionise the work of social scientists and humanists. For this reason, this year’s CHASS Forum (15 & 16 October, Melbourne) will include a panel discussion of the potential and the pitfalls of “big data” in HASS research. Mark your dairies for an interesting discussion, one of many from this year’s program.

iconCHASS Newsletter #84
24 February 2015

The question “Does Australia Need a Chief Social Scientist?” will be debated at the forthcoming CHASS Forum, which will be held in Melbourne on 15 and 16 October. Come along and join the discussion. If you cannot be there, drop us a line and let us know what you think.

iconCHASS Newsletter #83
20 January 2015

The intersections between HASS and other disciplines will be the underlying theme of the 2015 CHASS National Forum. The Forum, which will be held at the University of Melbourne on 15 and 16 October, will explore how HASS subjects influence environmental policy, communications, industry development and much more. Also, the four CHASS Australia Prizes for 2015 will be awarded at the Forum.

iconCHASS Newsletter #82
12 December 2014

To explore the relationships between HASS research and industry growth, CHASS’s theme for the 2015 will be “Convergence Innovation: Inspiring a Creative Australia”. We will be looking at the intersections between HASS research and the Industry Growth Centres during the year. We will take this as an opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of our work to our country’s future. The 2015 National Forum, which will be held in Melbourne on 15 and 16 October, will bring this work together to produce a blueprint for how Australia can grow and prosper creatively, sustainably and equitably.

iconCHASS Newsletter #81
31 October 2014

This year’s Forum was a sold out event. For those of you who missed the Forum and those who just want to relive it again, videos will be loaded on the CHASS website. Pictures and speech transcripts will also be available. Next year’s Forum will be even bigger. So, watch the website for announcements and be sure to register early.

iconCHASS Newsletter #80
16 September 2014

This year’s CHASS National Forum and CHASS Australia Prizes Dinner feature two of Australia’s most famous poets: Les Murray and David Malouf. Why not come along, enjoy the performances, get involved in the discussion and give your opinion on whether Australia needs a poet laureate.

iconCHASS Newsletter #79
22 August 2014

Recognition, promotion and fun are the reasons the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS) established the CHASS Australia Prizes. These prizes are for books and distinctive work in the arts and social sciences. There are prizes for students as well as professionals, and leadership is recognised in its own prize. The prizes will be awarded at the CHASS Forum on 8 October in Melbourne. There will certainly be a party, but more importantly, there will be an opportunity to celebrate, promote and recognise the work of artists, humanists and social scientists- those who help us to understand ourselves and our place in the universe.

iconCHASS Newsletter #78
17 July 2014

Early bird registration is now open for the CHASS Forum, which will be held in Melbourne on 8-9 October. The forum features David Malouf, Hugh Mackay, Frank Furedi, Julie Hare, Denise Meredyth, Michael Kirby, Ian Chubb, George Brandis and much more. You can register to attend part of or the entire Forum. So, don’t miss out. Before you go out for that next cup of coffee, or update your Facebook status, or send a Tweet, click here and register for what will be the most exciting Forum ever.

iconCHASS Newsletter #77
16 June 2014

The forthcoming CHASS Forum to be held in Melbourne on 8 and 9 October, will include discussions and master classes on how to turn our high public esteem into tangible financial support and stronger influence in Australia’s public conversation. Early bird registrations are now open. Get in early and join us for what will be the biggest and most influential HASS meeting of the year.

To help HASS groups understand and engage with Creative Partnerships Australia, the 2014 CHASS National Forum will include a master class on powerful partnerships. The master class is scheduled for 9 October. Registrations for this master class and other Forum activities will begin shortly, so be sure to get in early.

iconCHASS Newsletter #75
17 April 2014

The CHASS Forum is not just another academic conference. It includes entertainment, exhibitions, art, design, the CHASS Australia Prizes, debates, a speed-dating contest for senior researchers, and much more. So, be sure to mark the date: 8-9 October 2014, the University of Melbourne.

iconCHASS Newsletter #74
12 March 2014

We need you to become involved in promoting HASS. One way to do this is through becoming involved in HASS activities. For example, this year CHASS will offer the CHASS CHASS Australia Prizes, which are not only designed to honour high achieving HASS writers, practitioners and students but also to bring public attention to the value of CHASS. Nominations are now open, and we encourage you to become involved by submitting applications.

iconCHASS Newsletter #73
03 February 2014

This theme of this year’s National Forum will be “Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and the Public Good”. Over the course of two days, researchers, political leaders, policy makers and artists will examine how the humanities, arts and social sciences can help us deal with contemporary social problems.

iconCHASS Newsletter #72
29 November 2013

The 2014 CHASS Forum will be held at the University of Melbourne on 8-9 October. The 2014 Forum will bring together an international group of speakers, policy makers, political leaders and performers to share results, ideas, and to build coalitions. For the first time, HASS will award yearly Australia Prizes for achievements in HASS subject areas. These cash prizes for authors, performers, policy makers and students will honour those who have advanced the HASS areas as well as draw publicity to the value of HASS.

iconCHASS Newsletter #71
17 September 2013

The CHASS Board has approved a decision to move the CHASS office to Melbourne – School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT (411 Swanston Street (Building 37, Level 5). CHASS is grateful to RMIT and to Professor Joe Siracusa, in particular, for these arrangements. We also welcome new member, Deakin University.

iconCHASS Newsletter #70
16 August 2013

The last month has been a busy one for CHASS as we begin the process of organisational renewal. This message is designed to keep you informed of our most recent activities, including a policy submission, CHASS Prize, and planning for CHASS National Forum 2014. We welcome new members University of Queensland, University of New England and Hawke Research Institute.

iconCHASS Newsletter #69
17 July 2013

The CHASS National Forum 2013 was a good opportunity to showcase our sector; now what comes next? At a meeting held before the Forum, the CHASS board authorized a series of new initiatives, including developing a new communication strategy, campaigning for a Chief Social Scientist, and the possibility of offering an arts and humanities prize.

The CHASS National Forum will take place in Parliament House Canberra on 20 June. The forum focuses on civility and will include a former Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister, ABC Chair and distinguished participants from all parts of society. This will be a great opportunity to showcase our sector, and it is vital that we have a good turnout. Please make every effort to attend and participate. Your presence will ensure that the CHASS voice is heard.

iconCHASS Newsletter #67
26 April 2013

As the new President of CHASS, I am delighted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and to thank you for your continued membership of our organisation and your continuing support of our events. This year my agenda is going to be very much about engagement with members and building the membership base.

iconCHASS Newsletter #66
13 February 2013

We would like to welcome the incoming Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research, and Small Business, the Hon Chris Bowen. CHASS was fortunate to have had a positive relationship with the previous Minister, the Hon Chris Evans, and we look forward to meeting with Minister Bowen soon. We wish Senator Evans the best for the future.

iconCHASS Newsletter #65
14 January 2013

Updated on the recently-elected CHASS Executive: Professor John Simons has been appointed as CHASS President and Associate Professor Michele Simons as CHASS Treasurer. Associate Professor Peta Ashworth and Associate Professor Rhian Parker will continue as Vice-President and Secretary respectively.

iconCHASS Newsletter #64
07 December 2012

We held our AGM in Melbourne on 23 November and President Professor Sue Willis reported on CHASS activities over the 2011-12 financial year. New Board members have been elected and a new Executive is being formed.

We have recently engaged a Project Officer to undertake a Department of Human Services project on organisational issues and policy implementation.

iconCHASS Newsletter #63
16 November 2012

Thanks to those who provided comments on the Inaugural CHASS National Forum − we plan to build on the event’s success in future programs. We have noted increased awareness of our activities in post−Forum meetings with Government bodies like DIISTRE (major Forum supporter), DHS, Inspiring Australia and the Office of the Chief Scientist.

iconCHASS Newsletter #62
11 October 2012

We held the Inaugural National Forum in Canberra on 25-26 September. The event attracted large audiences, including college students, for the diverse program of plenary and concurrent sessions. The overall theme of the Forum was ‘The Human Dimension’ and the importance of the event was emphasised in the opening remarks by the Prime Minister, the Honourable Julia Gillard, MP in her welcome video.

iconCHASS Newsletter #61
27 July 2012

The big news for this month is the release of the provisional program for The Human Dimension National Forum. Please go to the forum website to have a look at the range of speakers and themes for the event. We are delighted to have secured speakers like Waleed Aly and Joe Hildebrand whose work has touched upon important and burning issues of Australian society. You will see that there are many more eminent speakers on exciting and innovative themes such as ‘What makes us Human?‘ and ‘Who decides the Public Good? (planned as a hypothetical format with responses to a scenario from key politicians, industry representatives and others).

iconCHASS Newsletter #60
30 June 2012

The Human Dimension CHASS National Forum – The program is looking strong and getting stronger every day as we work with members to seek ideas and input. Many members have submitted proposals for concurrent sessions which will showcase a diverse range of innovative, interdisciplinary information and projects. We hope to have the provisional program on the website soon.

Planning for The Human Dimension CHASS National Forum is well underway with the appointment of Conference Co-ordinators as the event managers. The website is nearly finalised and will be live soon. CHASS plans to send regular alerts about the event so please keep an eye out for these.

iconCHASS Newsletter #58
24 April 2012

The next couple of months bring two innovative events for CHASS members – “Expanding Conversations: Social Innovation, Arts and Anti Racism” in Sydney and CHASS Workshop “Getting your Message Out and Heard” in Melbourne. Later this year, perhaps the most significant event of 2012 will be the Inaugural National Forum titled “The Human Dimension- HASS Knowledge in Australian Lives” in Canberra. The National Forum is a critical opportunity for all of us to come together as a sector to celebrate, support and advocate. We need you, our members, to work with us to make this happen.

iconCHASS Newsletter #57
21 March 2012

March has been a busy month at CHASS with two key submissions, funding proposals and planning for events apart from launching new services for members. We are working on initiating a National Forum for the HASS sector; the CHASS-Race Discrimination Commission Event is scheduled for 15 May and CHASS has partnered with Centre for Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) and the University of Queensland (UQ) for a project that will collate evaluation reports of science engagement activities in the HASS sector.

iconCHASS Newsletter #56
17 February 2012

I am delighted to welcome you to the February newsletter for CHASS and my first as the new Executive Director. I have spent the first few weeks undertaking some of the transition tasks as CHASS moves into different resourcing arrangements.

iconCHASS Newsletter #55
19 December 2011

2011 has been a big year for CHASS. We started the year with the preparations for HASS-on-the-Hill which was a successful event, raising the profile of the HASS sector within Parliamentary corridors, amongst our colleagues in the sciences and it also enabled enhanced networking within the membership. We heard from politicians and government policy makers and saw the implementation of a new and successful session to promote early career researchers and their work. You can read keynote speeches on the CHASS website.

iconCHASS Newsletter #54
18 November 2011

On 9 November, the Council convened a workshop for the benefit of our Western Australian members and friends titled ‘Communicating Big Ideas: Connecting the Arts’. Designed as a second installment to the Creative:Arts, Industry and Participation workshop held in Sydney in July 2010, CHASS aimed to move the discussion forward from it and the Australia Council’s report ‘more than bums on seats’ survey into participation in the arts.

iconCHASS Newsletter #53
19 October 2011

On 7 October CHASS held a workshop on Excellence in Research Australia: lessons learnt and next steps forward for the HASS disciplines and clusters at QUT in Brisbane. This workshop was considered a very valuable exercise which brought together over 100 participants from a broad range of HASS disciplines from 34 universities, institutions and CHASS member organisations across Australia.

iconCHASS Newsletter #52
25 September 2011

In 2013 Canberra will host the Centenary of Canberra celebrations. This is a national funded project to enable all Australians to proudly celebrate and share in the story of the nation’s capital, learn about its past and discuss its achievements and ponder future aspirations.

iconCHASS Newsletter #51
24 August 2011

A lot has been said about the public funding of the humanities, arts and social sciences in recent months in large part a result of the government review of base funding of universities currently underway and due to report by October, but also because of the cuts to higher education generally occurring in countries such as Britain and the flow-on effect this may have to policy making in Australia.

iconCHASS Newsletter #50
23 June 2011

CHASS new President Professor Sue Willis is Pro Vice-Chancellor (Social Inclusion), Monash University and was until recently Dean of the Faculty of Education at Monash. Sue was past President of the Australian Council of Deans of Education (ACDE).

iconCHASS Newsletter #49
29 April 2011

Along with representatives from the highest levels of industry, government and academia, as the Executive Director of the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, I participated in the Women in Science and Engineering Summit, hosted by the Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology (FEAST) cooperation, the Australian National Commission for UNESCO, and the UN Women on 11 April at Australia’s Parliament House.

iconCHASS Newsletter #48
04 April 2011

Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr has told the humanities, arts and social science (HASS) sector that it should ‘go on the front foot to argue its importance’ in helping meet future social and economic challenges in Australia.

iconCHASS Newsletter #47
08 March 2011

The Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences is delighted to announce the appointment of Ms Angela Magarry as Executive Director. Angela has a strong background in advocacy, policy and government relations with senior level experience in government, and non-government sectors. For the past five years Angela has been Director, Policy and Analysis for Universities Australia managing policy development in relation to teaching, research and international education dimensions for higher education.

iconCHASS Newsletter #46
16 December 2010

The Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences is pleased to announce that HASS On The Hill will now be held on 22 and 23 March 2011. It is more important than ever, that Federal Parliamentarians and other national policy makers understand the value and relevance of research and knowledge in the humanities, arts and social sciences for the future of Australia.

iconCHASS Newsletter #45
08 October 2010

Farewell from Executive Director Helen. It has been a pleasure helping the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences build stronger networks across its membership and into policy making and industry.

iconCHASS Newsletter #44
13 September 2010

The Council reviewed the timing of HASS OnThe Hill in light of the political uncertainty about the operation of Parliament and administrative arrangements for executive government. The decision was to postpone so that we can ensure good rates of participation by Members of Parliament and Senators.

iconCHASS Newsletter #43
04 August 2010

Four issues emerged when we asked member organisations to tell us what parties and candidates contesting the 2010 Federal Election should take as their agenda in the humanities, arts and social sciences.

iconCHASS Newsletter #42
07 July 2010

HASS researchers and managers have a rare opportunity to influence the national debate at the highest level at this year’s HASS On The Hill in Canberra.

In 2010 Australia will be debating the research workforce strategy to underpin the major growth planned for Australian tertiary education student enrolments. A successful workforce strategy is crucial for Australia to realise its ambitions as a knowledge economy, because researchers will be the key creators and translators of the knowledge produced in Australia and an important part of productivity growth for the future.

The intense debate and media coverage of a national curriculum for Australian schools has until recently overshadowed the project to devise and implement academic standards for university degrees. However the standards project, managed by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) is a major development for academic disciplines, Australian students and educators.

iconCHASS Newsletter #39
17 March 2010

Universities perform a quarter of Australia’s total research, including 84 per cent of our pure basic research and 82 per cent of our research in the humanities, arts and social sciences. If research and development is to drive growth and innovation, these broad figures from the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research underline the importance of building networks for knowledge exchange between university-based research teams and the organisations and professions based on humanities, arts and the social sciences.

iconCHASS Newsletter #38
18 February 2010

Forging new connections
There is a pressing need for investment in networks to support better communications of humanities, arts and social sciences research and knowledge.

iconCHASS Newsletter #37
21 December 2009

Reflection and progression
Just over one year ago at the National Press Club, the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator The Hon Kim Carr, spoke to members and supporters of the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences about the changes to government policy in research and innovation. Senator Carr unequivocally stated that the humanities, arts and social sciences were critical to the new innovation strategies and the HASS sector provided vital insight into developing strategies for renewal and solutions to pressing real-world problems.

iconCHASS Newsletter #36
20 November 2009

Wicked as
At HASS on the Hill Australia’s Chief Scientist called for collaborative research and teams to tackle the “wicked problems” which confront Australia. Professor Penny Sackett defines these as “problems which cannot be objectively defined and cannot be solved by trial-and-error, because attempting any solution can cause irreversible impacts on that system”.

iconCHASS Newsletter #35
06 October 2009

Research workforce
The Australian Government’s 2020 Research Workforce Strategy to 2020 will be critical for the humanities, arts and social sciences. We will be relying more on realising the potential of Australia’s human capital, and creative, innovative research is essential for extending knowledge and skills.

iconCHASS Newsletter #34
10 September 2009

Register now…
Registrations for HASS on the Hill (October 27 and 28) are rolling in. This exciting two day program is the highlight of our annual calendar and offers the opportunity of engagement and discussions on current issues in the humanities, arts and social sciences.

iconCHASS Newsletter #33
23 July 2009

A culture of open government
The Australian Government recently created the Government 2.0 Taskforce with a brief to build a culture of online innovation. It wants to ensure that Government is open to the possibilities of the new collaborative technologies in Web 2.0 channels, and uses them to improve the way it operates.

iconCHASS Newsletter #32
26 June 2009

Fresh ways of thinking
Transferring the specialist knowledge developed in the humanities, creative arts and social sciences is an urgent issue for Australia as it works through the massive climate, security and economic challenges before it.

Federal budget focus
Somewhat neglected in a flurry of media releases and Budget announcements of new spending and savings this week was the release of the Australian Government’s Innovation White Paper Powering Ideas: An innovation Agenda for the 21st Century.

iconCHASS Newsletter #30
10 December 2008

CHASS will make a short submission to the review of the role of the national broadcasters underway at the Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy.

iconCHASS Newsletter #29
28 November 2008

CHASS’s new Board met last week to look at a draft strategic plan for 2009 and beyond and will be asking for member feedback on priorities and goals over the next few days. It is based on a clear commitment to promote the humanities, the arts and the social sciences, and support their contribution to a prosperous, innovative, creative and inclusive Australia

The new President of CHASS is Professor Linda Rosenman, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Region) at Victoria University in Melbourne.

It is with pleasure that I announce the appointment of Helen O’Neil as Executive Director of the Council for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) for a term of three years from 27 October 2008.

What responsibilities should such a Council have? Should they include formulating a national design policy, directing programs of support for Australian business, and providing Australia with authoritative design knowledge? CHASS is launching a new policy paper to explore these issues, at The Boathouse by the Lake restaurant in Canberra.

1. New “Fields of Research” codes replace RFCD
2. The Prime Minister, the 2020 summit and the Innovation Review
3. PhD scholarship: five point plan to Government
4. The Budget
5. Extending the role of the social sciences and humanities in public policy research
6. “Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences on the Hill”
7. Election of the Board: the Search Committee
8. CHASS Membership continues to grow

iconCHASS Newsletter #27
04 March 2008

1. Workshop: The Arts, and the Innovation Agenda
2. The PhD in the humanities, arts and social sciences
3. Portrait of a PhD graduate
4. ERA: research assessment takes shape
5. The Innovation Review: workshops and submissions
6. Meeting parliamentarians: dates for 2008
7. New members

iconCHASS Newsletter #26
27 November 2007

1. A letter from the new Prime Minister
2. What can we expect from the new government?
3. The assessment of research
4. And what to expect in Arts?
5. Visit by Philip Esler
6. CHASS website: New features
7. DASSH Deans take up CHASS office
8. CHASS Membership expands

iconCHASS Newsletter #25
10 October 2007

1. New Board elected at AGM
2. New Executive
3. Retiring Board Members
4. President’s and Auditor’s Reports
5. New web Site for CHASS
6. CHASS has moved!

iconCHASS Newsletter #24
11 September 2007

1. Humanities and the RQF Workshop: October 4
2. Electing the new Board
3. Nominating other candidates for the CHASS Board
4. AGM Tuesday 2 October
5. Review of RFCD codes
6. Delivering Outcomes: Symposium for centre directors
7. CHASS is moving office!
8. The PM’s Science Council, Chief Scientist: Reviews needed

iconCHASS Newsletter #23
06 June 2007

1.Registering for HOTH
2.National research priorities under the spotlight
3.Bishop, Brandis, Carr and Keele: All speaking
4.When will the Commonwealth take over the universities?
5.Federation Fellows
6.Collaboration study
7.The CHASS Board and the Search Committee
8.Review of RFCD and SEO codes
9.ARC College of Experts
10.Directors’ Meeting now Septemer 3-4
11.CHASS: 119 Financial members
12.Three opportunities

iconCHASS Newsletter #22
02 April 2007

1.”Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences on the Hill”
2. HOTH now a “Members-only” event
3. Why people like HOTH
4. Productivity Commission report into science and research
5. Review of RFCD and SEO codes
6. Directors’ meeting for July
7. Collaboration report: HASS meets science
8. Panel 13 Workshop: The arts, architecture and design
9. CHASS staff
10.Advertising HASS events

iconCHASS Newsletter #21
04 December 2006

1. Collaborating across the sectors
2. History and political science: The case for bibliometrics
3. Architecture, design, creative and performing arts
4. The RQF: Is your discipline ready?
5. DEST call for potential panellists
6. Parliamentary dinner
7. BCA REPORT New Pathways to Prosperity
8. Subscribing to announcements by Minister and DEST
9. The hundredth member

iconCHASS Newsletter #20
06 November 2006

1. Collaborating across the sectors
2. Directors’ meeting Melbourne July 2007
3. Membership of CHASS
4. Policy and submissions: Position vacant
5. Humanities and law: Panel 11
6. History and political science workshop
7. Chass Executive
8. Productivity Commission report on science and innovation
9. Creative and Performing Arts Workshop
10.Prime Minister’s prize for Australian history

iconCHASS Newsletter #19
15 September 2006

1. New CHASS President
2. Presidential priorities
3. New Board members
4. Retiring Board members
5. Creative and Performing Arts Workshop
6. Humanities and law: Panel 11
7. History and political science

iconCHASS Newsletter #18
09 September 2006

1. Annual General Meeting
2. Attending and voting at the AGM
3. Candidates for election to the Board
4. Proxies
5. Creative and Performing Arts Workshop
6. Productivity Commission slammed
7. MPs name CHASS as a top lobby group
8. Next Parliamentary dinner
9. My final newsletter

iconCHASS Newsletter #17
01 August 2006

1.To hell with culture”
2. Productivity Commission inquiry on science and innovation
3. Letter on knowledge transfer from Minister Bishop
4. ALP Arts policy options paper
5. ALP White paper on higher education, research and innovation
6. Next Parliamentary dinner
7. Defining ‘quality’ in social policy research
8. CHASS AGM will be at University of Sydney
9. The RQF, impact and the visual and performing arts
10. CHASS newsletter cracks the thousand barrier

iconCHASS Newsletter #16
31 July 2006

1. Ministerial intervention on ARC grants
2. “To hell with culture”
3. Diversity in university sector
4. Learning and teaching performance fund
5. OZCO: Arts rippa and new media
7. The RQF, impact and the visual and performing arts
8. Interested in being on the ARC college of experts?
9. CHASS membership subscriptions
10. PM: No to medals – but what about the order of Australia?
11 Cross-disciplinary project
12. Workshop on school music

iconCHASS Newsletter #15
30 April 2006

Ministerial interference with ARC grants ends
Expanding Horizons chockablock
Cross-disciplinary discussions
Engaging with Europe
Brain drain – or recirculation?
Arts degrees under fire in UK