CHASS Newsletter #52

A message from CHASS President Professor Sue Willis

In 2013 Canberra will host the Centenary of Canberra celebrations. This is a national funded project to enable all Australians to proudly celebrate and share in the story of the nation’s capital, learn about its past and discuss its achievements and ponder future aspirations.

CHASS remains in discussion with government concerning ongoing support for it’s activities.

In other CHASS news, our Executive Director, Angela Magarry is a recipient of one of the Endeavour Executive awards for 2011. These are for high achievers in business, industry or government and are aimed at building skills and knowledge through a host work environment. Angela was nominated by the Universite de la Nouvelle Caledonie (UNC) and she will assist them in developing their linkages to Australia for science, research, international engagement. On return in October, Angela will share her learning and experience in the November edition of CHASS newsletter including some photos. We certainly wish Angela all the best in her endeavours.

Supporting changes to Youth Allowance

Universities Australia has welcomed the $265 million dollar boot to Youth Allowance proposed by the Government after the Review of Student Income Support Reforms conducted by Kwong Lee Dow.

Under the legislation to be presented to Parliament next week, students from areas classified as Inner Regional will be able to access the independent Youth Allowance under precisely the same rules as apply to students from Outer Regional, Remote and Very Remote areas.

Changes will also be included that increase the value of the Relocation Scholarship for eligible students from regional areas. Universities Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Glenn Withers commented: “These are welcome further amendments to the Youth Allowance scheme. Without these changes, the ability of regionally based students could be determined according to which side of a river, road or fence line they live on.

Universities Australia was pleased to work closely with parliamentarians from all sides to ensure that the debate on Youth Allowance was robust and informed.”

The Youth Allowance scheme will be invigorated with a fresh injection of funding to better match global competitors.” Dr Withers concluded.

Professor Sue Willis, President CHASS

Excellence in Research for Australia
CHASS Workshop 7 October 2011, QUT, Brisbane

The outcomes of the 2010 round of the Excellence in Research for Australia initiative have revealed mixed results from research undertaken in the humanities, arts and social sciences disciplines. The purpose of this workshop is for participants to learn more from colleagues about the process of preparing for ERA 2012, about lessons learnt from ERA 2010, and to discuss the ERA futures for the humanities, arts and social sciences.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Professor Mike Calford, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research for the University of Newcastle
  • Professor Graeme Turner, Federation Fellow, Professor of Cultural Studies, and Director of the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, University of Queensland, and
  • Professor Arun Sharma, DVC (Research & Commercialisation), Division of Research and Commercialisation, Research and Commercialisation – DVC Office, Queensland University of Technology.

The ERA workshop sessions have been structured around the following five clusters:

  • HCA 12 Built Environment and Design
  • EHS 13 Education
  • EHS 16 Studies in Human Society
  • HCA 19 Studies in Creative Arts and Writing
  • HCA 20 Language, Communication and Culture

Speakers for each session will share their own experience and knowledge on what works for more successfully performing disciplines and how HASS disciplines can better prepare for ERA 2012.

View the full program

To register for this event email

HASS at a glance

National Library of Australia, Treasures Gallery.

Opening on the 8th of October at The National Library of Australia is the new Treasures Gallery, showcasing some of Australia’s most unforgettable memorabilia. Exhibits range from early maps and atlases, manuscripts, paintings and photographs to books containing some of Australia’s most historic events, such as Capitan James Cook’s Endeavour Journal and William Bligh’s list of Mutineers.

Must sees include the original manuscript of Australia’s unofficial anthem Waltzing Matilda, along with the glasses and hat of Australian’s first winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature winner Patrick White. As well as diverse selection of international collections in NLA to Z collection, visitors can also enjoy the Australian Voices audiovisual presentation drawn from the National Library’s vast collection of Oral History and Folklore Collection.

The Treasures Gallery is not one to miss and with the library regularly changing the exhibits on show visitors will always have something new and exciting to discover.

Free exhibition, open daily, see information on public programs.

Drama Australia

Drama Australia is the chief national body that represents and advocates on behalf of all state and territory drama education associations in Australia. Drama Australia represents drama teachers, academics, applied theatre workers and theatre in education practitioners at national arts and curriculum forums and in national and international associations such as NAAE (National Advocates of Arts Education) and IDEA (International Drama/Theatre and Education Association).

From the 9th to the 10th of March 2012 Drama Queensland will be hosting the Drama Australia National Conference: Delve 2012 at The Southbank Cultural Precinct Brisbane. Delve is about discovery and delving deeper into discovering the core of what Drama Australia do for the drama education associations of Australia. Topics discussed will be innovation in curriculum, developing new research ideas and engage in pedagogical change.

Drama Australia are calling for submissions of interest from the drama community both nationally and internationally. For more information and expression of interest see the Drama Australia conference page.


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If you would like your organisation to become a member of CHASS and would like to know how to apply, please contact the Membership Manager Ms Erica Seccombe: membership [at] or phone on (02) 6201 5996.

Members’ Events Calendar

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Excellence in Research for Australia workshop

Held in Brisbane on the 7 October 2011. With a fantastic group of speakers from the HCA clusters coming from universities who ranked a level 4 and 5 across a broad scope of faculties all giving an insight into the process behind preparing for the ERA 2010 and how to successful in the next ERA of 2012. ERA workshop information.

5th World Summit on Arts & Culture will be held Melbourne 3-6 October 2011

This year’s theme being Creative Intersections. Bringing together government and cultural leaders from over 80 countries to discuss how art can give a voice to diverse communities and concerns. Experts in health and well-being the environment, education, business, new technologies, cultural identity and more will also be in attendance. Information on the program and how to register.

ASSA Workshop: Family, Work and Wellbeing

The University of Queensland will play home the ASSA workshop: Family, work and wellbeing over the life course on Thursday 20th to Friday 21st October 2011. This workshop will bring together Australian researchers who adopt a longitudinal and life course approach to examining work, family and well being. It will be organized around the 3 stages of a life course: the transition to adulthood (18 – 30); mid-life (30 – 50); and older Australians (50+). Information on the themes, program and registration.

Communicating Big Ideas in the Arts

9 November 2011 marks the date for the beginning of Communicating Big Ideas in the Arts workshop in Freemantle. This workshop is designed to promote Council member organisations and professionals in Western Australia who have an interest in a wide range of art practices. It will include people from the WA national arts and cultural scene, CHASS members and government officials. More information will be posted on the CHASS website soon to register your interest please email membership [at]

Design Centre, Tasmania, Tasmanian Design Awards

The closing date for entries into the Design Centre, Tasmania, Tasmanian Design Awards is 3rd of October. The objective of the award is to encourage innovation in ideas and action and also to continue the development and sale of Tasmanian products and designs on both a national and international scale.