CHASS Newsletter #32

Fresh ways of thinking

Transferring the specialist knowledge developed in the humanities, creative arts and social sciences is an urgent issue for Australia as it works through the massive climate, security and economic challenges before it. The 2009 HASS on the Hill event will be a crucial opportunity to bring this rich and deep knowledge into public debate.

As CHASS prepares for two days of meetings, workshops and networking in October, policy makers and members of Parliament are showing an increasing interest in engaging with researchers, artists and professionals who can give them fresh ways of thinking and good evidence about how to improve innovation, social and education programs.

The 2009 HASS on the Hill program includes: seminars and discussions delivered around current issues; a CHASS National Press Club address by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts; a forum for members to discuss advocacy issues and contribute to the Council’s strategies for 2010 and the Annual General Meeting.

However, the main business of the event is the face to face meetings with individual members of Parliament and Senators.

Meetings with busy politicians aren’t easy: MPs cover many issues in a day, have constantly overcrowded agendas and little background information about your most pressing concerns. The HOTH delegates must try to compress years of research, and a lifetime of expertise into a few minutes of discussion. CHASS believes both politicians and HOTH delegates have a lot to gain from these exchanges however pressured – and the humanities, arts and social sciences have great stories to tell in areas from design and cultural exchange, to demographic and sociological data, and through their rich experience in dealing with change in society.

To register you must be a member of, or associated with, one of our financial members who will be asked to nominate delegates from industry and research, collecting institutions and the creative arts. We look forward to hearing your stories.
The language debate

Debate on languages and cultural exchange is beginning to receive serious media attention (see this week’s Higher Education Supplement for a variety of views, including from Fellows of the Australian Academy of the Humanities) with a new recognition to link Australia to cultures and societies we have trade and security relations with needs some long term commitments.

School based Arts Education, another of the Council’s 2009 priority issues, is moving closer to implementation. The National Advocates for Arts Education recently met with the new Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) to discuss practical ways of developing a curriculum for the five distinct art forms involved and State and Federal Education Ministers will have a report on progress in October.

Helen O’Neil
Executive Director
Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
25 June 2009

Dates for HASS on the Hill confirmed

27 and 28 October, 2009.

HOTH 2009 comes at a time of immense change and commitment by Government to the humanities, arts and social sciences. The National Library of Australia will sponsor the 2009 event and host day one of the program.

Creating Capable Students

The Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences has put forward a proposal to the Australian Government to work with social science researchers to identify key programs and policies to achieve Bradley Review targets.

Design Dialogue

CHASS hosted a roundtable for the design practitioner organisations with researchers from some of the leading university based design institutions.


CHASS Board Member Emeritus Professor Meredith Edwards AM addressed the CRCA annual 2009 conference, Pathfinders: the Innovators’ conference.

Members’ function

CHASS held a function for members in Brisbane this month. The function offered an opportunity for members to meet with the CHASS board and secretariat and to informally discuss advocacy issues, ideas and programs. CHASS President Linda Rosenman welcomed members.

DASSH Discipline Support Strategy

The DASSH Discipline Support Strategy outlines a three year plan aimed at developing a network that engages and supports those at the forefront of teaching and learning in Australian universities.

12th CRC Selection Round
The Cooperative Research Centres program is calling for applications for the 12th Selection Round.

2009 ACUADS Research Report

The deadline for ACUADS Research Reports for member school to 12th Selection Round for is 3 July.

ARC Consultation Paper

The ARC Centres of Excellence is considering changes to its operations and is seeking feedback. Consultation papers due 21 July

Collections Council

The Collections Council of Australia is delighted to announce the release their publication

Significance 2.0 – a guide to assessing the significance of collections.