As a CHASS member, your organisation can be a part of an essential network for communication and collaboration across the diverse disciplines and institutions operating in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) sector in Australia.

Now is the time to strengthen your organisation’s voice and presence in the sector, and CHASS’s membership can start you on your way.

Membership is open to organisations with an interest in the future of HASS in Australia. Membership subscriptions are renewable on 1 July each year and you will receive notification of renewal by email towards the end of June/in early July.

Note: As stated in our Constitution, members need to provide 12-months’ notice to cancel membership or put it on hold temporarily. Please contact us to discuss your circumstances.

If you would like your organisation to become a member and would like more information about how to apply, please contact us: or (03) 83449081.

Current members come from a diverse and broad range of disciplines and activities in the HASS sector. Member organisations range from, but are not limited to:

  • Peak bodies for the HASS disciplines
  • Leading universities and research centres
  • Peak bodies for museums, libraries, major performing arts companies, craft makers and designers, musicians and music managers
  • Professional associations in HASS sectors
  • HASS teachers and researchers
  • National collecting institutions

For further information about the HASS sector, please see What is HASS.

CHASS members can access services such as the daily media monitoring update, event listings on our website and newsletter, profiling opportunities in our newsletter, and social media support and promotion. We collaborate with members for local and interstate events and seek input on policy submissions and advocacy. Only current financial members can nominate representatives to join the CHASS Board and vote at the Annual General Meeting. Members are also offered discounted tickets to our events (where possible).

CHASS supports its members by:

  • Providing channels for joint advocacy of key issues through collaborations with peer groups and sector leaders
  • Providing representation to the government at a national level
  • Organising events and workshops that address information and knowledge gaps, including the annual CHASS National Forum, and offering members not only the chance to participate but also a platform for advocacy
  • Offering advocacy and promotion opportunities, including the CHASS monthly e-newsletter that captures projects and developments undertaken by member organisations
  • Offering social media support for promotion and marketing
  • Building capacity for the HASS sector by working towards greater recognition of people, projects and organisations in the sector
  • Providing leadership on issues of national significance and on national policy agendas such as the recent reform in the research arena, the ‘Australia in the Asian Century White Paper’ consultations and in the government’s science communication strategies
Membership categories

Learned Academies; National Peak Bodies with core HASS interest
Includes organisations with a core interest in HASS, and mandate to develop HASS strength in Australia and to foster knowledge transfer. These organisations represent leading researchers and administrators, are likely to include a range of disciplines and have a clear interest in policy advocacy and connecting education and practitioner groups.

University Partners – Institutional membership
Universities have a clear interest in building the profile and awareness of the contribution of HASS to Australia. Universities joining at this partnership level gain representation for the range of faculties, schools and collaborative research centres which provide opportunities for HASS studies and research at their campuses. Membership covers all areas and levels of the university, with partners nominating a senior contact to manage membership and involvement in CHASS’s activities.

University faculties and units from non-partner universities
Universities that cover HASS in a single faculty or other functional groups can link their activities with CHASS’s network through membership in this category.

National councils, institutions and major peak bodies
For national institutions and peak bodies, CHASS provides an opportunity to network with peer organisations and understand relevant issues across the sector. It is for organisations with a narrower discipline focus than bodies in the first category. It includes organisations involved in training and Arts practice and those involved in research and allows libraries and museums to connect to organisations with expertise in specific disciplines. With an increasing focus on multidisciplinary approaches to policy, and governments seeking a coordinated response to reviews and consultation processes, CHASS membership provides peak bodies and national institutions a point where they can test their views and coordinate consultation with the Australian Government.

Research centres, training and collecting institutions
Many university/industry-based research centres are partnerships across universities and business. CHASS gives these centres entry to a network actively promoting and advocating for collaboration and innovation. Training institutions in the HASS area are at the forefront of providing the creative skills and developing talent in new areas of the economy and creative arts – CHASS’s network links them with peers across the country and in universities, as well as providing links to industry and practitioner groups.

Large practitioner and professional associations, learned societies
For flagship associations for artists and arts organisations, industry groups including the professional associations in collecting professionals; major associations for academic researchers and university-based teachers in specific disciplines; and teacher organisations in key HASS areas. CHASS provides these societies and associations with a sector-wide network and news, and events based on the urgent issues under policy review.

Smaller practitioner, business associations and learned societies
This category is for part-time and voluntary non-profits, smaller societies of academic researchers and teachers in specific disciplines. CHASS offers a network to access sector-wide news and events and to bring your organisation and its goals to the attention of the sector.