2010 election and the policy agenda for the new term of government

The Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Board has flagged four issues for action for the new term of Government and urges candidates and parties contesting the 2010 election to set clear directions for innovation, research and cultural policy.
These issues are:

  1. Further investment in research funding so that success rates for grants can increase in the next phase of developing the national innovation system for productivity growth:
    • Maintain flow of funds allocated for research infrastructure and indexation of grants announced in Powering Ideas Agenda and the response to the Bradley Review
    • Investigate new funding for ARC Discovery and Linkage programs and the research workforce strategy
    • Include innovation based on humanities, arts and social sciences knowledge and methodologies in the research and development tax incentive.
  2. Knowledge Exchange programs to build   research dissemination and research communication into the innovation system. The flow of new knowledge is essential in building the new business models and social policy programs for future Australian prosperity. Programs for investigation should include:
    • Extending and funding research dissemination of Australian Research Council projects
    • Extension of the national science communications strategy, Inspiring Australia for multidisciplinary and HASS research
    • Appointment by Government of a chief social researcher to aid in building the links between policy makers and academic and research institutions
    • Include design as part of research and development to encourage creative and innovative project and businesses.
  3. Commitment to a national cultural policy to encourage new Australian work and support development of Australia’s creative talent, including new models of investment in participation in the arts.
  4. On-line access to the major resources and databases of Australia’s collecting institutions so they become part of the network of research and knowledge for industry and the community.

The Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences is a network of more than 85 member organisations ranging from universities to research associations and professional groups drawing on HASS knowledge and skills. The Council helps members to contribute to public debate through programs for knowledge exchange and media awareness.

Contact for Information:
Ms Helen O’Neil
Executive Director
Phone: 0417 230540